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Ready To Own Your Own Turn-Key Business in a Hot Unsaturated Market?

That’s right.

You now have the golden opportunity to own and operate your own business by becoming a Tag Scrubs Seller.

Come Join our Community of High Vibe Sellers.

There are approximately 18 industries that wear scrubs daily to work.

It’s not because they want to. It’s because they have to.

The Scrubs Industry is recession-proof. The industry is $10 billion strong in the US and $60 billion worldwide.

The end user wears scrubs as part of their job requirement. Your website will give them a better alternative in terms of value, quality, and shopping experience.

The more your customers spread the news (aka your link for you) the more they’ll save & their colleagues and work friends will save too!

Your customer saves an additional 25% on already the most competitive pricing for our high quality industry-wide products and so will their referrals.

As a Tag Scrubs Seller, you are a completely Independent Contractor, running your own business.

What this is not:

this is not a multi-level marketing

 you do not build a team

 you do not buy products monthly

 there isn’t a monthly metric to meet in order to earn your commission** (your once-a-year subscription must be paid)

Aren’t you ready to win at the game of life and making money?

It is time to give real appreciation and actual savings to those that work so hard and do so much do so many. 

With your Annual Paid Membership, Tag Scrubs Company will fully take care of:

  • All of the Inventory
  • Shipping your offers
  • Customer service
  • Returns
  • Marketing materials
  • Sending promotional emails
  • Training you on selling, growing your business, scrubs, and organization

With your Annual Paid Subscription you will receive :

  • Your own personalized URL
  • Backend Admin office to monitor your sales and commissions
  • 18% commissions paid every 3 weeks
  • 200 QR Code postcards
  • 600 Pens
  • 2 pairs of Scrubs

Additionally there are tons of perks for you, the seller, and the customer!

The more they shop, the more possibilities there are for both the customer and you to win vacations, dinners, gift cards, and more.

The manufacturer has been in the Scrubs industry, making high-quality garments for over 25 years.

We know Scrubs and it is time to shake up the industry.

We are offering a community way to shop, with incredible savings and perks.

The highest quality Scrubs at meaningful savings -who doesn’t love saving C A S H to spend on experiences and things for the family?

You get a reliable business that will pay you over and over and over again.

Every time your customer shops, you receive a commission. The more it spreads the more, the more you earn.

So, how does this work?

There are three ways you can work the business. Choose one way or work it in a variety of ways. Let’s review how it’s done!

1. Out of the House 

Visiting medical buildings
Visit Healthcare Professionals
Get in front of staff wearing Scrubs
Talk to People Wearing Scrubs
Drop off Q-code, pens, and other marketing materials

2. On the Phone

Direct Sales
Provide Simple Scripts [who you ask for and what to say]
Ease in promoting your site and following up

3. Online

Perfect if you’re already online and marketing
We will provide training and show how to post, what to say and how to have fun sharing your link and make money
What specific Facebook groups to join
Follow specific Instagram influencers
Seek out TikTok personalities that make it super easy to find exactly where your customers are
Know who and which brands to follow on LinkedIn

How Do I Make Money?

When a customer buys on your site, they become your customer.

Every time they shop, you get a commission.

When they share your link, they save an additional 5% and their friend saves an additional 5%.

This helps to grow your business and spread the love.

If customers buy on the Company site they will pay higher prices!

Look at the Growth Potential here…

How Do I Get Paid?

You are paid 18% Commission.

Commission is paid every 3 weeks by electronic transfer or Check.

Check out these great perks for the Sellers!!

You are working to be your best self to earn perks vs a leader board to out perform other sellers!

When your sales exceed the month/year before you will become eligible for prizes and rewards!

Win Vacations, Dinners, and higher commission, regardless of your location or size of town.

When your business grows, your perks grow!

Your annual investment of $249 unlocks access to:



This is where your Customers will buy from your “Scrubs Store”.

You will be able to access your backend, see your “office” and track your sales. Any transactions, shipments, refunds, and commissions all happen in your backend office.



We are committed to your success! We have a community manager watching for your questions and Ilyse or Daniel will come into the group and answer your questions through a Livestream, recorded training modules or monthly Town Hall Zoom calls.



Get instant access to short videos to learn about product information, industry updates, and history and other clips to help you smash your goals.



Whether you are an experienced Business owner or you are a new Entrepreneur, we are going to help you with your mindset, confidence + tips and tricks on how to stay organized so you love running and growing your Business.



The Scrubs Sellers Community by Tag is a group is where you’ll find product and sales training + answers to all of your questions.

We are there to help guide, support and celebrate you all the way!



to grow that’s open, unconditionally supportive, non-judgmental, fun, and high-energy!


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Have a question, we’re here for you! Email us and we’ll respond fast.



tag logo cropped
Have a question, we’re here for you! Email us and we’ll respond fast.